Carpenter Ant Control

Sugar ants get into your food supplies and can make food items go bad very quickly. However if you see larger ants in your house you may need to perform carpenter ant control. Carpenter ants are about 5x the size of sugar ants and can cause massive problems to your house. Unlike sugar ants who only go after human food, carpenter ants go after the wood that your house is built around. Carpenter ants if given the time can perform a massive amount of structural damage and in severe cases can even make the structure collapse. Therefore it is imperative that you get rid of carpenter ants before they establish a large colony filled with thousands of these wood eating pests.

Like any pest the first rule of eliminating them from your house is by preventing them from getting in in the first place. Very simple steps can safe you lots of money and time in the long run. A carpenter ants colony is set up by the queen ant. This ant will be a lot larger than all the rest and is in charge of running the entire colony smoothly. However the main job that the queen has is to lay eggs in order to keep the colony growing. If you see a queen ant around your house be sure to kill it as this can stop a carpenter ant infestation in its tracks.

You must also be sure to lock up all food and clean your house, paying special attention to pick up all food crumbs that may be on the ground. Carpenter ants are like sugar ants in the fact that they are attracted by human food. However, instead of sitting in it and eating it like the sugar ants, the carpenter ants will pick it up and bring it back to the colony to feed the young and the rest of the carpenter ants. For effective carpenter control by prevention you must be sure there is no initial attraction source in your house for the carpenter ants. For if there is food lying around then the Carpenter ants will view it as an easy food source and will be more likely to set up a colony in the wood of your house, which is exactly what you don’t want.

The final prevention tip may be impossible for you to perform however if you can be sure to do it because it can lessen the chances that the carpenter ants will create an infection in your house. For proper carpenter ant control you should be sure to cover all exposed wood with a covering. You can use any material you want as its only goal is to make it impossible for the carpenter ants to burrow into your houses wood and create a home. Even something as simple as painting the wood can help with carpenter ant control.

Eliminating a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Once a carpenter ant infestation has taken control of your house it will be very difficult to get rid of it however it is possible through persistence and the use of the right tools. For effective carpenter ant control your going to have to be willing to spend a little money one the correct products that will take care of the problem

Purchasing poison made specifically for carpenter ants is a great purchase to be sure that you eliminate the carpenter ant infestation quickly. This poison has been specially manufactured to kill carpenter ants effectively. All you do with this poison is place it around the outskirts of your home (where it makes sense) and especially around where you thing the carpenter and colony is. This is effective in carpenter ant control because this poison is very sticky and as the ants walk through it the poison will stick to the ants legs and they won’t be able to get it off. This will inevitably lead to death for the carpenter ants that are unfortunate enough to run through it. However this is only good for killing the ants leaving the colony if they are simply staying inside this poison will do nothing. You may have to look into fumigation.

Fumigation is a carpenter ant control method that uses gas to get rid of the infestation. However before doing it you must be sure to get everything out of the house. Read our complete guide on carpenter ant fumigation for details on the whole process. The fumigator will spray the deadly gas throughout the house into every crack and hole. The ants won’t be able to hide anywhere and will be eliminated. This is almost a 100% sure fire way of carpenter ant control. However you must be sure that you are actually dealing with carpenter ants and not their close relatives the termite. So be sure you know how to identify carpenter ant damage versus how to identify termite damage.