Termite Baiting System

New advances have been made in the field of termite extermination.  No longer is it necessary to use the conventional barrier treatment, which incorporates a host of toxic and potentially fatal chemicals.  Instead, the termite baiting system incorporates a very different approach.  Basically, termite baiting involves deploying small amounts of bait (material that emulates termite food), which attracts the termites.  These baits (also known as smart missiles) kill the termites when consumed.  Furthermore, termites have been known to bring the bait back to the rest of the colony, effectively killing off the entire lot of termites.  In essence, this technique can be considered more effective than orange oil termite treatments and just as effective as the traditional termite fumigation in killing subterranean termites.

This section is here to help you visualize what termite baits actually are.  Basically, the bait consists of paper, cardboard, small bits of termite food, and a combination of various compounds that are lethal to termites.  And the quality of the bait really matters- it cant be a hodge-podge job.  First, the bait must be authentic enough to compete with the various other food sources in the vicinity.  This ensures that not only the termites will eat them, but they will also bring the baits back to the nest.  Also, the baits must have slow-acting toxins so that termites dont die on the spot, causing the other termites to avoid the baits.  This delayed transmission also enhances the baits ability to be passed among the colony.

Termite Baiting Systems: Below Ground

In many cases, subterranean termites are responsible for the damage done to your house.  First, wooden stakes laced with toxins are placed in the ground- attractive feeding grounds for termites in the vicinity.  These stakes are positioned in fixed intervals around the structure, allowing the termites to find them by chance on one of their foraging excursions, rather than be lured to them.   However, this method requires a lot of patience and most of all, persistence.  Simply put, the termites just dont always find the baiting stakes.  The most difficult part of this entire process is actually getting the termites to find the stakes.  In fact, this single stage in the process can take as much as a year, or as little as a week or two.  Furthermore, this method is almost guaranteed to fail in the winter months, due to the fact that termite foraging is cut well short due to the temperature.  Intuitively, the greater amount of stakes planted near the structure, the greater chance the termites will encounter them.  Yet that also increases your financial overhead, something you should consider when planning your termite baiting system.

Termite Baiting System: Above-ground

This is the more direct approach.  Rather than allow the termites to encounter the bait themselves, the stakes are planted immediately in the path of active termite tunnels.  Thus the probability of termite-bait-encounter is almost a sure thing, ensuring that at least some of the termites will be killed in this invasive procedure.

Wasps in Attic

When people come to me about getting rid of wasps they always want to know how to do it. Whether using homemade wasp deterrent or even using wasp bait recipes. However, a strange thing that I have noticed is that most people spot these flying stingers in their attics. This caused me to do some research on preventing wasps in your attic and the best way to get he wasps out of the attic.

Attic provide great habitation to the wasps. Wasps love a dry area where there mud homes can be made and not wash away. This makes attics ideal as it is usually always dry there and most of the time humans dont go up there. The wasps are allowed to live in peace, multiply, and build a thriving nest, all are great in the eyes of the wasps. However, for yourself wasps in the attic can be a nightmare. First of all accessing the attick can be a pain and attempting the wipe out the wasp nests can cause problems. First off if you are using poison then a small space like an attic will cause you to be in contact with a higher concentration of the poison. This is not healthy at all and if exposed long enough has been shown to cause cancer. Another reason having wasps in the attic is so bad is because when attempting to remove thier nests the wasps will have a much easier time attempting to sting you than if you were outside and had room to manuver.

To prevent wasps in the attic you must seal all openings. This can be a very daunting tasks as wasp have the ability to squeeze through the smallest of holes, however if you want to make sure wasps stay out of your attic you are going to have to take on this task. Another thing you can do is put down some wasp repellent up in the attic. This can be a set and forget repellent, which means all you have to do is place it there and leave and it will repel wasps all by its self. Some great homemade wasp deterrents include chili pepper and dishwashing soap. If you can prevent a wasp from setting up a nest in your attic then you wont have to deal with a full fledged nest later on that can cary tens to hundreds of little wasps just waiting to sink their stingers into you.

If you are unfortunate enough to have wasps in your attic there are some simple things you can do to get them out. First of is to go to the store and buy a commercial wasp repellent spray. These are filled with poison however it is not in a gas form which makes it safer than gas to use in a smaller space. Simply go to the wasp nest and lather it with the poison. Go back up to the attic and the wasps an hour later to re apply another layer of the wasp repellent. This is a sure fire way of wiping out any wasp nest.

If you are again using poisons you can also try using some homemade killer. Putting water and dishwashing soap in a spray bottle is a great way to take out a couple wasps. It also cost a whole lot less than the commercial bought wasp deterrent however it also is less effective. These are the things I tell people when they ask about wasps in attic!

Anti Termite Paint

If you living in a wooded area and fear that you could have trouble with termite in the future than one of the best things you can do is to look into purchasing and applying anti termite paint. The concept behind anti termite paint is relatively simple. Termites being the pests they are love to chew into wood. Wood is what gives them life, therefore they will actively seek it out.

Usually this means they will chew into old and decaying trees in the forest which is actually a very good thing as it aids in decomposition and the natural life cycles of woods across the world. Unfortunately however sometimes termites will get into the wood of your house. Soon enough they could create a huge termite nest and destroy the structural integrity of your house costing you boat loads of cash. Well this is where anti termite paint comes in.

Anti Termite Paint will literally stop all termites in their tracks. This is not the type of paint that you apply to make your house prettyoh no it serves a much more important purpose, to keep the termites out. Termites are unable to chew through certain material, which conventiently for you is exactly what this paint is made out of. The material is this paint was specifically designed so that no matter how hard to termites tried they couldnt get through it.

So in order for this anti termite paint to be effective simply apply the pain on all exposed portions of wood on your house. The termites will come into contact with this paint, which they cannot chew through and will simply leave. This can save tons of time and money later on if you were to have a termite infestation. However a word to the wise with the anti termite paint be sure that you re apply the paint every couple of years as the paint will chip away exposing the wood. If you forget to re apply it again you may have to deal with termites.

Overall anti termite paint is a great and easy method to decrease the likelihood of you having to deal with termites.

Several Quick Tips On How To Start A Computer Repair Home Business

Anyone who loves computers and who has a skill in repairing them may consider the option of starting up a computer repair home business. By doing this you will be able to enjoy the work that you do and create your own working schedule. Consider these basic tips if you want to get setup.

You first need to consider the importance of getting yourself a business license. This may well be necessary if you want to keep everything legal and above board. Consider what your company name will be as well. Creating something memorable and catchy is important.

Conduct proper market research. This will involve checking out your local competition and also checking out the local demand for the services that you are going to provide. It is important, in particular, for you to work out how much you competition are charging. This will give you a benchmark to work with.

You need to set yourself up with a space in your own home to operate from. Most businesses simply require a small amount of space for a desk and home computer, but you will need plenty of space to keep spare parts in as well.

Consider the area in which you are actually going to run your business. You will need to travel to and from the clients house in order to repair the computer there, or collect it for repair at home. Whatever the case, you will need to specify the area in which you are willing to travel to.

One of the hardest parts of setting up your computer repair business will be getting your name out there and properly marketing your services. This is critical and therefore you need to develop a proper marketing plan. Conduct local advertising, distribute flyers and posters, and so yourself up with a website.

Small Black Flying Insects in House

So you have just discovered some small black flying insects in your house and are wondering how to get rid of them. The first step to get rid of small black flying insects in your house is to identify what type of insects they are. By identifying the type of insect you are dealing with will allow you to be able to figure out a successful way to getting rid of the small black flying insects.

So lets first start by attempting to help you to identify the small black flying insects in your house. Depending on the time of year will help determine what kind of insect is invading your house. If it is the summertime and you have small black flying insects in your house than there is a very good chance that they are fruit flies. Fruit flies thrive in warm moist environments. In these conditions eggs have a chance to grow and mature in a stable environment.

Therefore in the summertime fruit flies have the greatest chance to reproduce. These small black flying insects will get into your house, most likely in the fruit drawer of your refrigerator. In just a week the population of fruit flies can as much as quadruple. Therefore getting rid of the small black insects in your house can be hard work. In order to get rid of the black insects you must clear out the infested fruit where the fruit flies are reproducing. Eventually the fruit flies will be unable to replenish their population because they will have no place to reproduce.

Another potential candidate for your small black insect problem are subterranean termites. These termites, when they reach their mature stages, grow out wings. These termites will get into the wooden foundations of your house. The termites will then start to hollow out the entire foundation. So if you see small black insects with wings in your home you will know what type of insects you are probably going after.