Paper Wasp Nest Removal

Paper wasp are one of the two most common wasps found around the world, the other being the mud wasp. Papers wasps look a lot like a bee however the body is a lot longer and skinnier. They are quite large and have a yellow body with black stripes. A sure fire way to tell that you are dealing with paper wasps is to locate their nests.

Paper wasp nests look much like a bees honeycomb. The nest is dry and brittle and looks as if it would blow away in the wind. Paper wasps nest will usually be located under an overhanging roof, because this allows the wasps to not have to worry about their nest getting destroyed in the rain. A single paper wasp hive can hold tens of wasps all hiding in the catacombs of their nest.

This is what makes paper wasp nest removal so difficult as task. You must worry about all those stingers and be sure not to get stung. Paper wasp nest removal is especially dangerous if you are allergic to bees or wasps. Wasps unlike bees can sting you multiple times over. Therefore if you are attack by a whole wasp swarm you could expect to get stung up to one hundred times. This could be very dangerous to anyone that is allergic to a bees poison.

In order to get rid of the paper wasps nest as easy as possible we have created a guide you can follow in order to prevent getting stung. However if you are allergic to wasps or are unsure then please do not attempt this yourself and leave it to the professionals. Even people that arent allergic to wasps will swell up considerably especially if stung a couple times over. The first thing you need to do is located the paper wasp nest. This should be relatively easy as the nests usually hang freely from a roff area. Once you have done this you should buy some wasp killer poison. This stuff will work quickly to kill any wasps that come into contact with it.

This will help any angry wasp from stinging you because you are spraying it with a liquid. Next you should put on many layers of clothing and make sure there is no gap that leads to the outside. If there is than a wasp could potentially enter this gap and start stinging you over and over again. This had happened to me once on my leg behind my knee. The swelling was as large as a grapefruit and I was unable to walk on it for a couple days. The best time to attempt your paper wasp nest removal is during the night. At night most of the wasps will be in their nest sleeping. This is the perfect time for you to go an attack their home. Apply the poison once and leave. Come back an hour later and apply the wasp killer poison again. This will ensure that all the wasps have been killed in the hive. Good luck with your paper wasp nest removal!