Small Black Flying Insects in House

So you have just discovered some small black flying insects in your house and are wondering how to get rid of them. The first step to get rid of small black flying insects in your house is to identify what type of insects they are. By identifying the type of insect you are dealing with will allow you to be able to figure out a successful way to getting rid of the small black flying insects.

So lets first start by attempting to help you to identify the small black flying insects in your house. Depending on the time of year will help determine what kind of insect is invading your house. If it is the summertime and you have small black flying insects in your house than there is a very good chance that they are fruit flies. Fruit flies thrive in warm moist environments. In these conditions eggs have a chance to grow and mature in a stable environment.

Therefore in the summertime fruit flies have the greatest chance to reproduce. These small black flying insects will get into your house, most likely in the fruit drawer of your refrigerator. In just a week the population of fruit flies can as much as quadruple. Therefore getting rid of the small black insects in your house can be hard work. In order to get rid of the black insects you must clear out the infested fruit where the fruit flies are reproducing. Eventually the fruit flies will be unable to replenish their population because they will have no place to reproduce.

Another potential candidate for your small black insect problem are subterranean termites. These termites, when they reach their mature stages, grow out wings. These termites will get into the wooden foundations of your house. The termites will then start to hollow out the entire foundation. So if you see small black insects with wings in your home you will know what type of insects you are probably going after.