Wasps in Attic

When people come to me about getting rid of wasps they always want to know how to do it. Whether using homemade wasp deterrent or even using wasp bait recipes. However, a strange thing that I have noticed is that most people spot these flying stingers in their attics. This caused me to do some research on preventing wasps in your attic and the best way to get he wasps out of the attic.

Attic provide great habitation to the wasps. Wasps love a dry area where there mud homes can be made and not wash away. This makes attics ideal as it is usually always dry there and most of the time humans dont go up there. The wasps are allowed to live in peace, multiply, and build a thriving nest, all are great in the eyes of the wasps. However, for yourself wasps in the attic can be a nightmare. First of all accessing the attick can be a pain and attempting the wipe out the wasp nests can cause problems. First off if you are using poison then a small space like an attic will cause you to be in contact with a higher concentration of the poison. This is not healthy at all and if exposed long enough has been shown to cause cancer. Another reason having wasps in the attic is so bad is because when attempting to remove thier nests the wasps will have a much easier time attempting to sting you than if you were outside and had room to manuver.

To prevent wasps in the attic you must seal all openings. This can be a very daunting tasks as wasp have the ability to squeeze through the smallest of holes, however if you want to make sure wasps stay out of your attic you are going to have to take on this task. Another thing you can do is put down some wasp repellent up in the attic. This can be a set and forget repellent, which means all you have to do is place it there and leave and it will repel wasps all by its self. Some great homemade wasp deterrents include chili pepper and dishwashing soap. If you can prevent a wasp from setting up a nest in your attic then you wont have to deal with a full fledged nest later on that can cary tens to hundreds of little wasps just waiting to sink their stingers into you.

If you are unfortunate enough to have wasps in your attic there are some simple things you can do to get them out. First of is to go to the store and buy a commercial wasp repellent spray. These are filled with poison however it is not in a gas form which makes it safer than gas to use in a smaller space. Simply go to the wasp nest and lather it with the poison. Go back up to the attic and the wasps an hour later to re apply another layer of the wasp repellent. This is a sure fire way of wiping out any wasp nest.

If you are again using poisons you can also try using some homemade killer. Putting water and dishwashing soap in a spray bottle is a great way to take out a couple wasps. It also cost a whole lot less than the commercial bought wasp deterrent however it also is less effective. These are the things I tell people when they ask about wasps in attic!